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Friday, November 13, 2015


Shirika la Viwango Tanzania linapenda kuwatangazia waombaji wa nafasi za kazi zilizotangazwa 25.5.2015 katika kada zifuatazo kuwa usaili wa mahojiano utafanyika tarehe 19 Novemba 2015 hadi tarehe 27 Novemba 2015 katika ofisi za TBS Makao Makuu, Ubungo Dar es Salaam.
S/N               CHEO                                                                                    NAFASI
1 Lab Tech II - Mechanical Engineering                                                       2
2 Inspection Tech - Mechanical Engineering                                              2
3 Inspection Tech II - Automotive Engineering                                            2
4 Standards Officer II- Mechanical Engineering                                         3
5 Inspector II - Mechanical Engineering                                                       3
6 Quality Assurance Officer II - Mechanical Engineering                          9
7 Quality Assurance Officer II - Chemical and Process Engineering      7
8 Standards Officer II - Chemical and Process Engineering                    1
9 Inspector II - Chemical and Process Engineering                                   3
10 Standards Officer II - Electronics and Telecom Engineering               2
11 Quality Assurance Officer II - Electronics and Telecom Engineering 3
12 Inspector II - Electronics and Telecom Engineering                              3
13 Standards Officer II - Electrical Engineering                                            2
14 Metrology II - Electrical Engineering                                                         2
15 Quality Assurance Officer II - Electrical Engineering                             3
16 Lab Tech II - Electronics Engineering                                                      1
17 Lab Tech II- Electrical Engineering                                                          2
18 Inspection Tech II - Electrical Engineering                                             2
19 Lab Tech II - Lab Science and Technology                                         11
20 Inspection Tech II -  General Science                                                     3
21 Inspection Tech II-  Maritime Science and related                               4
22 Quality Assurance Officer II - Computer Science                                 2
23 Inspection Tech II- ICT or Computer Science                                       5
24 Legal Officer II                                                           2
25 Quality Assurance Officer II – BSc Statistics                           2
26 Human Resource Officer II                                           1
27 Standards Officer II - Chemistry                                       1
28 Metrology II - Chemistry                                                 1
29 Quality Assurance Officer II - Chemistry                           9
30 Inspector II - Chemistry                                                 1
31 Quality Assurance Officer II - Environmental Science                 2
32 Marketing Officer II                                                       2
33 Planning Officer II - Project Planning and Mgt                       1
34 Planning Officer II - Monitoring and Evaluation                       1
35 Standards Officer II - Molecular biology and biotechnology           1
36 Quality Assurance Officer II - Molecular Biology & Biotechnology       2
37 Standards Officer II - Mining Engineering                           2
38 Accounts Technician II                                                 5
39 Quality Assurance Officer II - Food Science & Technology           2
40 Inspector II- Food Science and Technology                           2
41 Standards Officer II - Nutrition Science                                 1
42 Quality Assurance Officer II - Agronomy or Agriculture Science       3
43 Standards Officer II - Agriculture General                           1
44 Lab Tech II- Civil Engineering                                       2
45 Inspection Tech II- Civil Engineering                                 2
46 Quality Assurance Officer II - Civil Engineering                       7
47 Standards Officer II - Civil Engineering                                 2
48 Inspector II- Civil Engineering                                       3
49 Procurement Officer II                                                 2


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Jordan University College is offering employment to qualified and competent personnel, who will enable them to create and expand opportunities for higher education in Tanzania and beyond by offering competitive, demand driven and community-relevant academic and professional degree and other awards. The vacancies together with their specific requirements are follows:
1.      Lecturers (2)
  1.       Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience
·         Holder of a good PhD degree in a specialized functional area.
·         Qualified to be employed as lecturer on their areas of one’s specializations.
·         One must have published in qualified journals at least three publications.
·        One must have the ability to co-operate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise needed to perform the duties well.
       b. Duties
i.                    Will be required to teach in formal courses and conduct seminars.
ii.                  Supervise thesis on all levels.
iii.   Undertake individual Research and to participate in bigger multidisciplinary research projects.
iv.                Prepare manuals and case studies for training.
v.                  Provide close supervision and guidance to students.
vi.                Work on consultancy project.
vii.        Coach junior teaching staff.
        c. Salary Scale:
Lecturer / Research Fellow Grade II
        d. Area of Specialization
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • History

  1. Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience
Holder of a Masters degree in a specialized functional area. In addition, the candidate must have a minimum GPA 3.8 in first degree and GPA 4.0 in Masters Degree and assessed as potentially good academically.
  1. Duties
i.                    Conducting lectures
ii.                  Preparing case studies
iii.                Assisting in tutorial / seminars in degree and other courses
iv.               Work in co-operation with senior members on specific projects such as research and consultancy.
c) Areas of Specialization
  • MSc (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics)                                 (2)
d) Salary Scale:
Assistant Lecturer / Assistant Research Fellow Grade I
Mode of Application
If you believe you are the right candidate for any of the above vacant posts, please send your application with detailed Curriculum, Photocopies of Academic Certificates and testimonials and names of three referees with their contacts to the address below. Submission of your application should be not later than 31st  January, 2016.
Only shortlisted candidates shall be invited for interview. Job applicant, who will not hear from us, should consider one’s application as not successful.
The Director of Human Resources,
Jordan University College,
P.O. Box 1878,
Morogoro /Tanzania
Tel:  +255 23 2604854


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